Start / Stop SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and SQL Server Agent at once with a batch file

A lot of developers have SQL Server and its different services running on their PC or notebook to develop or test BI solutions. Unfortunately this slows down your system quite a lot. To speed things up when not using SQL Server, I used to stop and start each service manual quite often.

Recently I found out that it’s possible to start and stop all services at once with a simple batch file. It now only takes a couple of seconds instead of a few minutes and some annoying steps.

Copy/paste the following in a .txt file and rename it to .bat to make it a batch file, execute it by double clicking the file.


NET START “SQL Server Agent (MsSqlServer)”
NET START “MsSqlServer”
NET START “MsSqlServerOlapService”
NET START “ReportServer”
NET START “SQL Server Integration Services”


NET STOP “SQL Server Agent (MsSqlServer)”
NET STOP “MsSqlServer”
NET STOP “MsSqlServerOlapService”
NET STOP “ReportServer”
NET STOP “SQL Server Integration Services”