The next version of SSIS is coming!

The latest releases of SQL Server contained (almost) no new SSIS features. With the release of SSIS 2008 the ability to use C# scripts, the improved data flow and the cached lookup were most thrilling new features. The release of SQL 2008 R2 only gave us the ability to use a bulk insert mode for the ADO.NET destination, which was a bit disappointing.

Fortunately Matt Mason from the SSIS team announced that the next version of SQL Server (SQL 11) contain quite some exiting new functionality for SSIS!

– Undo/Redo support. Finally, this should have been added a long time ago 😉

– Improved copy/paste mechanism. Let’s hope we keep the formatting of components after copy/pasting them!

– Data flow sequence container

– New icons and rounded corners for tasks and transformations

– Improved backpressure for data flow transformations with multiple inputs (for example a Merge Join). When one of the inputs get to much data compared to the other, the component that receives the data can tell the data flow that it needs more data on the other input

– The Toolbox window will automatically locate and show newly installed custom tasks

I’m Curious about the first CTP!