SSAS – Visualize Attribute Relationships

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Complicated attribute relationships are difficult to oversee in SSAS 2005. Microsoft solved this problem in SQL Server 2008 with a graphical view of the attribute relationships. Unfortunately, most of us still work with SSAS 2005 and have to wait a couple of months before using the benefits of SSAS 2008.
Until SQL Server 2008 is fully available it’s good to know there is a way to get some of the new features in SSAS 2005: BIDS Helper.
It is free to use and offers a lot more than just the visualization of your attribute relationships:
· Aggregation Manager
· Calculation Helpers
· Deploy MDX Script
· Dimension Health Check
· Printer Friendly Dimension Usage
· Show Extra Properties
· Update Estimated Counts
· Visualize Attribute Lattice

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