SSIS Denali as part of “Enterprise Information Management”

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When watching the SQL PASS session “What’s Coming Next in SSIS?” of Steve Swartz, the Group Program Manager for the SSIS team, an interesting question came up:

Why is SSIS thought of to be BI, when we use it so frequently for other sorts of data problems?

The answer of Steve was that he breaks the world of data work into three parts:

  • Process of inputs

  • BI
  • Enterprise Information Management
    All the work you have to do when you have a lot of data to make it useful and clean and get it to the right place. This covers master data management, data quality work, data integration and lineage analysis to keep track of where the data came from. All of these are part of Enterprise Information Management.

Next, Steve told Microsoft is developing SSIS as part of a large push in all of these areas in the next release of SQL. So SSIS will be, next to a BI tool, part of Enterprise Information Management in the next release of SQL Server.

I’m interested in the different ways people use SSIS, I’ve basically used it for ETL, data migrations and processing inputs. In which ways did you use SSIS?

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  1. Hi, I use SSIS for data transfer and Database OLTP/OLAP administration process.
    As per your statement, we can soon use SSIS as a standard ETL framework.
    Thanks to microsoft for their effort.


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